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48W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA

48W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA

48W Wall Mount Power Supply

Wall Mount Power Supply SAA

24v 2a Power Supply Adapter

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GEO(GEAO Technology)



Model Number:

24v 2a Wall Mount Power Adapters (002)

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Product Details
Factory Wholesale Price
Company Identity:
Source Manufacturing Factory
VI Level
Fire Rating:
Cable Length:
DC1.2m, Customization
CCTV Camera, Nail Lamp, Led Aquarium Light, Projector Printer, DVD
PC Fireproof Material+ABS+Recycled Material
White, Black, Customization
Temperature Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Anti -interference Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Lightning Strike Protection, Over -power Protection, Shell Flame Retardant Protection
Product Mold:
Private Mold
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
PE Bag/Color Box/Customization
Delivery Time
7-25 Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description
Power Adapter Manufacturing Factory
Not A Trading Company
Accept Any Customization Regarding Power Adapter Products

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48W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 0



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24v 2a Wall Mount Power Adapters High Temperatura Resistant For Thermal Printe


  • The tail part of the card is made of high-quality PVC material, which is not easily broken when bent, providing a smoother insertion and removal experience, helping users easily fix the cable and not easily fall off, ensuring stable power transmission.
  • The production process of nickel plated DC heads is exquisite, using copper tube stamping and zinc alloy die-casting, followed by turning and nickel plating. This type of head does not contain harmful substances such as lead and meets environmental standards. The excellent conductivity and stability ensure the stability of the connection between the power adapter and the device, while the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of metal materials help to extend the service life of the power adapter.
  • Pure copper output lines can significantly reduce electrical energy consumption during transmission, improve the flexibility and load capacity of the wires, reduce fracture and service life, and ensure the safety of the wires.
    4.This power adapter has multiple protection functions, including over temperature, short circuit, over current, anti-interference, overvoltage, lightning strike, over power, and flame-retardant protection of the casing. These protective functions together provide safer and more stable power output, effectively preventing damage to the power adapter and excessive current burning, extending the service life of the equipment, and having the advantage of strong anti-interference ability.
    5.This product is a private model product with unique appearance, more stable performance, higher conversion efficiency, safer and more reliable, and more flexible advantages. These advantages help to meet the different needs of customers, improve the user experience and efficiency of the product.
    6.Our power adapter has complete qualification certificates and testing reports. This not only meets the certification requirements, but also helps to improve product competitiveness, enable products to smoothly enter the international market, and improve production efficiency.
    7.The surface of the power adapter adopts a semi smooth and semi frosted anti slip design, enhancing anti slip performance and improving grip comfort. At the same time, this design can better absorb light and make the product look more beautiful. In addition, the frosted surface treatment also helps improve the fingerprint and pollution resistance of the power adapter, making it easier to clean.
    8.The reinforced joint design is durable, not afraid of bending and twisting, and will not crack or turn over after prolonged use. This design improves connection stability and durability, providing users with more reliable and durable power adapters.
    9.Intelligent charging technology makes charging faster and more reassuring. Smart chips can avoid dangerous situations, improve charging efficiency, reduce charging time, and improve work efficiency.
    10.This power adapter has strong compatibility and is convenient, fast, and plug and play. It is suitable for various household small appliances such as monitoring, monitors, electronic organs, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Output Voltage (V) 24V
Output Current (A) 2A
Output Power (W) 48W
Input Voltage (V) 100-240VAC
Bending Test More than 1,000 times
Temperature Up With Typical Load
Test at surface of the case with typical ac input and typical load in output 50/60hz
Vibration One minute X, Y, Z axis vibration
Hi-Pot Test From input to output, gradually rising from 0VAC-3000VAC
Insulation Resistanc Input To Output,DC 500v
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃-85℃
Operating Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh
Storage Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh



Product Description:


48W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 1

48W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 248W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 348W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 448W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 548W 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Supply Adapter High Temperatura Resistant SAA 6


24V2A Wall Mount Power Adapters are widely used in various devices and scenarios. It can convert different voltages and currents into the power supply required by the equipment, providing stable and efficient power supply for the equipment.

From smartphones and tablets to personal electronic devices such as laptops and monitors, to network devices such as servers and routers, as well as home automation products such as power tools and smart homes, 6V1.7A Wall Mount Power Adapters play an important role in these devices. It can ensure the normal operation and stable performance of the equipment, improve the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment.

In home scenarios, the 24V2A Wall Mount Power Adapters can provide a stable power supply for household appliances such as televisions, audio systems, and game consoles. In office scenarios, 24V2A Wall Mount Power Adapters provide reliable power support for office equipment such as computers, printers, and servers. In industrial scenarios, 24V2A Wall Mount Power Adapters provide stable power support for various production equipment and industrial systems, ensuring the smooth progress of the production process.

In addition, with the development of emerging fields, power adapters are also continuously expanding their application scope. In the field of electric vehicles, power adapters can convert the direct current from the charging station into the direct current required by the battery, providing stable charging guarantee for electric vehicles. In the fields of smart homes and the Internet of Things, power adapters provide reliable power supply for various smart devices and sensors.

In summary, 24V2A Wall Mount Power Adapters are a key electronic component widely used in various fields. It plays an important role in providing stable and efficient power supply for various devices, whether in the home, office, industrial environment, or in emerging fields.


Color customization: We can spray or screen the power adapter with specific colors according to your requirements to meet your unique color needs.

Plug Types: We offer a variety of plug types from different countries or regions for you to choose from, making it convenient for you to use globally.

Shell Design: We provide power adapter shells with various materials and appearance designs to meet your personal preferences and device needs.

Parameter customization: We can customize the voltage, current, and power parameters of the power adapter according to your specific device needs.

Company logo: We can customize your company or product logo on the power adapter casing to enhance brand image and product recognition.

DC cable length: We can customize different lengths of DC cables according to your needs to meet your specific needs.

DC plug types: We offer various types of DC plugs for you to choose from, including straight plugs, curved plugs, etc.

Support and Services:

As a professional power adapter manufacturer, we are not only committed to providing high -quality products, but also provide customers with comprehensive support and high -quality services. Our goal is to ensure that customers have a carefree experience when using our products and enjoy the highest production benefits.
1.Pre-sales advice
Before you choose our products, we provide professional pre -sale consultation. Our sales team will provide you with detailed suggestions on the selection, use and cost of the power adapter. In addition, we can customize the most suitable products for you according to your specific needs to meet your equipment needs.
2.Technical Support
We have a strong technical support team. They have profound industry knowledge and experience, and can provide you with providing you from product installation, use to maintenance of all -round technical support. If you encounter any technical problems during use, just contact us, our technicians will provide you with timely solutions.
To ensure that your power adapter always maintains a good working state, we provide comprehensive maintenance services. Whenever there is a problem, we will have professional maintenance personnel to detect and repair, and restore your normal work at the fastest speed. In addition, we also provide regular maintenance services to help you prevent potential problems and ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for 24v 2a Wall Mount Power Adapters:


As a professional power adapter manufacturer, we know the importance of packaging and transportation. In order to ensure that each power adapter can be delivered to the customer safely and intact, we have taken the following measures:
First of all, in terms of packaging, we use professional moisture -proof, anti -impact, and anti -extrusion packaging materials to protect the power adapter from environmental factors. In addition, we also make customized packaging design based on factors such as the model, quantity, appearance, and weight of the power adapter to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.
Secondly, in order to ensure that the power adapter can be delivered to customers safely and quickly, we have formulated a reasonable transportation solution. According to actual needs, we can choose a variety of transportation methods such as aviation, shipping, land transportation. During the transportation, we also need to consider factors such as ventilation, shock -proof, and falling anti -falling to ensure that the power adapter remains perfect after a long journey.
Finally, we will also print related labels on the power adapter packaging, such as brands, models, quantities, insurance periods, etc. These tags will fit the transportation scheme and packaging design to facilitate consumers to quickly understand product information and use. In addition, we will printed the company's contact information and addresses on the packaging so that customers can contact us in time when needed.
In short, we will make every effort to ensure that each power adapter can be delivered to the customer safely and intact. If necessary, please contact us at any time, we will provide you with more details about packaging and transportation.



Q&A about 24V2A Wall Mount Power Adapters:
1.What is a power adapter?
Answer: A power adapter is a device that converts AC power into DC power, typically used to provide stable power to electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
2.Why do I need a power adapter?
Answer: Due to the differences in power supply voltage and current in different countries and regions, in order to ensure the normal operation of electronic devices, it is necessary to use a power adapter to convert the local power supply into the voltage and current required for electronic devices.
3.What is the meaning of 24V2A power adapter?
Answer: The 24V2A power adapter refers to a power adapter with an output voltage of 24V and a maximum output current of 2A. This type of power adapter is usually suitable for electronic devices that require 24V DC power, such as some medical and industrial equipment.
4.What are the main parameters of the power adapter?
Answer: The main parameters of the power adapter include input voltage range, output voltage, maximum output current, power, plug type, and housing material. These parameters need to be selected and customized according to the needs of electronic devices.
5.How to choose a suitable power adapter?
Answer: Choosing a suitable power adapter requires considering the following factors:
a. Input voltage range: It is necessary to confirm that the power adapter is suitable for the local power voltage range.
b. Output voltage and maximum output current: It is necessary to confirm that the output voltage and maximum output current of the power adapter meet the requirements of the electronic device.
c. Power: It is necessary to confirm that the power of the power adapter meets the power requirements of the electronic device.
d. Plug type: It is necessary to confirm that the power adapter is suitable for the local plug type.
e. Shell Material: It is necessary to consider whether the shell material of the power adapter meets the heat dissipation requirements of electronic devices.

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