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5V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight

5V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight

GaN 20W PD Fast Charger

20W PD Fast Charger

USB Power Adapter Lightweight

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GEO(GEAO Technology)



Model Number:

5V 3A GaN Fast Charger (GaN PD20W)

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Product Details
Company Identity:
Source Manufacturing Factory
Factory Wholesale Price
VI Level
Fire Rating:
Digital Photo Frame,Laptop,Mac,iphone15
PC Fireproof Material+ABS+Recycled Material
White, Black, Customization
Temperature Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Anti -interference Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Lightning Strike Protection, Over -power Protection, Shell Flame Retardant Protection
Product Mold:
Private Mold
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
PE Bag/Color Box/Customization
Delivery Time
7-25 Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Power Adapter Manufacturing Factory
Not A Trading Company
Accept Any Customization Regarding Power Adapter Products

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5V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight



  1. Intelligent Charging Mode Switching
    As the charging progresses to different levels, the charging head automatically switches between charging modes, reducing charging temperature and ensuring full battery saturation, prolonging battery lifespan.

  2. Intelligent Safety Chip
    The PD protocol module and intelligent safety chip jointly perform intelligent recognition of fast-charging protocols. With high-power current stable output, charging is fast but also protective of your device.

  3. Multi-Safety Protection Features
    Features input over-current protection, output over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, anti-interference protection, and fireproof protection. These protection functions effectively protect the phone battery and prolong battery life, while being highly compatible with different brands and models of phones for convenient use.

  4. Double Insulated Housing
    The housing is made of durable materials and features a high-gloss finish. It has a special fire-resistant layer. It provides dual insulation for both the device housing and power plug, increasing user safety during use, even in damp environments or as insulation materials age, avoiding personal injury due to electric shocks.

  5. Full Protocol IC Chip
    True PD fast charging with powerful performance, no heat generation during charging, no harm to the device. Full after-sales service guarantee. Compatible with various phones and digital devices, it also optimizes the charging environment for maximum charging efficiency and long battery life. With multiple protection mechanisms such as over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and over-voltage, it effectively extends battery life and ensures safe charging.

  6. Low-Temperature Fast Charging, No Warming Up
    Using high-performance transformers, MOSFETs, capacitors and other components, it achieves high energy conversion efficiency with low loss and low warmth during charging.

  7. Compact and Portable Design
    With a fashionable design, small size, light weight, and convenient portability. The sleek and minimalist design offers a comfortable grip.

  8. Wide Voltage Range
    Designed with a wide voltage range of 100-240V for global use. Traveling or on-the-go no longer worries about power supply.

  9. Compatible with Multiple Brands and Devices
    Suitable for charging various mainstream phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, as well as laptops and tablets.

  10. PD + QC + PPS Fast Charging
    With multiple voltage modes that automatically detect devices, it uses an intelligent fast-charging chip with improved lifespan and environmental-friendly production processes. The new six-level energy efficiency IC solution converts up to 92% efficiently, providing excellent quality and longevity.

  11. Gallium nitride material

    Adopting the most advanced gallium nitride technology, it can provide unprecedented charging speed for your phone. It can quickly charge your phone, greatly saving you valuable time. Meanwhile, its efficient performance can effectively avoid the generation of heat during charging, ensuring the safety and stability of the charging process.

Technical Parameters:

Output Voltage (V) 5V,  9V,   12V,   15V,   20V
Output Current (A) 3A, 2.2A,1.67A,1.3A, 1A
Output Power (W) 20W
Input Voltage (V) 100-240VAC
Bending Test More than 1,000 times
Temperature Up With Typical Load
Test at surface of the case with typical ac input and typical load in output 50/60hz
Vibration One minute X, Y, Z axis vibration
Hi-Pot Test From input to output, gradually rising from 0VAC-3000VAC
Insulation Resistanc Input To Output,DC 500v
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃-85℃
Operating Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh
Storage Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh


5V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 15V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 25V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 35V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 45V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 55V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 6

Product Description:


5V 3A GaN 20W PD Fast Charger Portable USB Power Adapter Lightweight 7


On-the-Go Charging for Professionals: For frequent business travelers, the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger proves indispensable. This charger accelerates the charging process, ensuring that essential electronic devices, like smartphones, attain optimal power levels swiftly, supporting seamless operation throughout a busy day.


Expedited Charging for Explorers: Travel enthusiasts can enhance their journeys by employing the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger. This versatile charger accommodates the rapid charging of multiple devices, including smartphones, cameras, and tablets, within a limited timeframe, optimizing the travel experience.


Effortless Home Charging: Within households, the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger emerges as a time-saving solution for charging multiple devices simultaneously. Particularly advantageous during nighttime charging sessions, family members can conveniently power up their devices, ensuring they start the day with full battery levels.


Swift Response to Emergencies: In moments of low battery crises, the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger acts as a timely savior. When users find themselves unable to charge their mobile phones promptly, this charger steps in to prevent disruptions to daily life, ensuring users remain connected and operational.


In-Vehicle Charging Convenience: Car users benefit from the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger as it facilitates the charging of electronic devices within the vehicle. Whether it's GPS navigators, speakers, or other gadgets, this charger ensures that devices stay powered during journeys.


Portable Power Solution: The 5V3A GaN Fast Charger doubles as a mobile power supply, enabling users to charge other devices on the go. This feature ensures users have the flexibility to recharge their electronic devices anytime, anywhere, catering to their dynamic lifestyles.


Convenient Public Charging Stations: Public spaces such as airports, cafes, and libraries can install 5V3A GaN Fast Charger stations for users. These readily available chargers make it convenient for individuals to recharge their phones and devices while waiting or taking a break.


Industrial-Focused Fast Charging: In the industrial realm, the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger finds application in scenarios demanding swift charging, such as with automation equipment and robots. Its efficiency contributes to optimizing processes in industrial settings.




Customized color options: We provide the flexibility to spray or print patterns on the adapter according to your unique color preferences, ensuring personalized color matching.

Worldwide adaptability: Our adapters are designed to adapt to various countries or regions, providing you with seamless usability worldwide.

Diverse shell materials and finishes: We offer a range of material options and finishes for the adapter shell, allowing you to select the perfect match for your requirements.

Customizable parameters: We can customize the voltage, current, and power parameters of the adapter to fit the specific needs of your equipment.

Company logo integration: We can incorporate your company or product logo on the adapter shell, enhancing brand visibility and product recognition.


Support and Services:

As a leading manufacturer of power adapters, we strive to exceed expectations by delivering not just top-quality products but also exceptional support and services to ensure worry-free operation and maximize efficiency.

1.Pre-sales consulting services
We offer professional pre-sales consulting services to assist you in selecting, sourcing, and costing power adapters, tailored to your specific needs to meet your equipment requirements. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the most suitable solutions for your needs.

2.Professional technical support
Our highly skilled technical support team boasts profound industry knowledge and experience, providing comprehensive support for product installation, use, and maintenance. If you encounter any technical issues during operation, simply contact us, and our technicians will provide prompt solutions to resolve your problem.

3.Comprehensive maintenance services
To ensure your power adapter remains in optimal working condition, we offer comprehensive maintenance services. In the event of any issues, we dispatch professional maintenance personnel to diagnose and repair them, quickly getting you back up and running. Additionally, we provide regular maintenance services to proactively prevent potential problems and maintain the reliable performance of your equipment.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for 5V 3A GaN Fast Charger:


As a prominent manufacturer of power adapters, we understand the significance of reliable packaging and transportation. To ensure that each adapter arrives in perfect condition, we have implemented the following measures:

Firstly, we use moisture-resistant and impact-resistant packaging materials that safeguard our adapters from potential damage during transit. Additionally, we customize the packaging based on factors like the model, quantity, appearance, and weight of each adapter to ensure their safety during shipment.

Secondly, to ensure the safe and prompt delivery of our adapters to our customers, we have implemented a comprehensive transportation solution. Depending on the situation, we can choose from various transportation modes like air, sea, and ground transportation. Additionally, we also take into account factors like ventilation, shock resistance, and anti-falling during transportation to ensure the adapter remains intact after a long journey.

Finally, we also label the adapter packaging with relevant information such as brand names, models, quantities, warranty periods, etc. These labels complement our transportation plan and packaging design to help customers quickly understand product information and usage. Additionally, we provide the company's contact information and addresses on the packaging so that customers can reach out to us promptly when needed.

In summary, we strive to ensure that each adapter is delivered to our customers in perfect condition. If you need any further information regarding packaging or transportation, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will provide you with further details.




Q&A about 5V 3A GaN Fast Charger:

1: How can I select the right power adapter?

Answer: To choose the appropriate power adapter, it's crucial to consider the voltage and current specifications. Ensure that the selected adapter can safely and efficiently provide the necessary power for your device. In addition to matching power requirements, factors like the pin type and housing of the adapter should also be taken into account.


2: Is the power adapter universally compatible with all devices?

Answer: Not every power adapter is suitable for all devices. Each device has specific power requirements, including voltage and current parameters. It's essential to select an adapter that aligns with the device's specifications to prevent potential damage or interference with its normal operation.


3: Can the performance of the device be affected by the power adapter?

Answer: A well-suited power adapter won't impact the device's performance. However, using an adapter that doesn't meet the device's power requirements may result in unstable operation, reduced performance, or even damage to the device.


4: What's the proper way to store a power adapter?

Answer: When storing a power adapter, place it in a dry, well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures. Ensure the adapter is disconnected from any device, and record its pin type and shell parameters for easy identification during future use.


5: Does the power adapter include protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and overcurrent?

Answer: Certain power adapters come equipped with functions like overcharging, over-discharging, and overcurrent protection to safeguard both the device and the adapter. However, it's essential to note that not all adapters offer these features. Before use, familiarize yourself with the specific protection functions of the adapter in question.

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