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1A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket

1A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket

4.8V USB Wall Charger

USB Wall Charger 6W

4.8V Smartphone Wall Charger

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Brand Name:

GEO(GEAO Technology)



Model Number:

4.8V 1A USB Wall Charger (M5)

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Product Details
Company Identity:
Source Manufacturing Factory
Factory Wholesale Price
VI Level
Fire Rating:
DVD, Projector Printer, Xbox One, CCTV Camera
PC Fireproof Material+ABS+Recycled Material
White, Black, Customization
Temperature Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Anti -interference Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Lightning Strike Protection, Over -power Protection, Shell Flame Retardant Protection
Product Mold:
Private Mold
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
PE Bag/Color Box/Customization
Delivery Time
7-25 Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description
Power Adapter Manufacturing Factory
Not A Trading Company
Accept Any Customization Regarding Power Adapter Products

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1A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket


1.Intelligent Charging Mode Switching
When charging to different levels of charge, the charging head switches intelligent charging mode, reducing charging temperature, ensuring saturation of charge, and extending battery lifespan.

2.Intelligent Safety Chip
PD protocol module and intelligent safety chip can intelligently identify fast-charging protocol, provide stable output of high-power current, and protect your device while charging.

3.Multiple Safety Protection Functions
Features input over-current protection, output over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, anti-interference protection, and housing flame retardant and flameproof inner layer. These protective functions can effectively protect the phone battery, extend battery lifespan, and have strong compatibility with various brands and models of mobile phones for convenient use.

4.Double Insulation Shell
The shell is made of durable materials, with high-gloss surface treatment technology and special flame-retardant and flameproof inner layer. It can provide both double insulation of the equipment shell and the power socket at the same time, increasing the safety guarantee for users during use. It can also ensure the safety and stability of the charger even in damp environments or during aging of insulation materials, thereby avoiding personal injury due to leakage or accidents.

 5.Full Protocol IC Chip
True PD fast charging with top-notch capabilities, no heating while charging, no damage to the device, and worry-free after-sales support. It is compatible with various mobile phones and digital devices, optimizes charging conditions for maximum charging efficiency and longest battery life performance, and features multiple protection mechanisms such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overvoltage to effectively extend battery lifespan while ensuring charging safety.

6. Low-temperature Fast Charging with Less Heating
Adopt high-performance transformers, MOS transistors, capacitors and other components with high energy conversion efficiency and low loss for charging without easily getting hot.


7.Portable and Delicate Design
With fashionable design, small size, light weight, and convenient portability. The smooth and simple design provides comfortable grip.

8.Wide Voltage Design
The wide voltage design with a 100-240V power supply voltage can meet the needs of different countries and regions for use without worrying about charging issues during travel or trips.

9.Compatible with Multiple Brands and Models of Mobile Phones
It is suitable for charging mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and digital devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other major brands.

10.PD+QC+PPS Fast Charging
Multiple voltage modes are automatically identified with an intelligent fast-charging chip inside that extends lifespan by 100% to comply with international environmental standards and achieve new six-level energy efficiency IC solutions with a conversion rate of up to 92% for high quality durability

Technical Parameters:

Output Voltage (V) 4.8V
Output Current (A) 1A
Output Power (W) 4.8W
Input Voltage (V) 100-240VAC
Bending Test More than 1,000 times
Temperature Up With Typical Load
Test at surface of the case with typical ac input and typical load in output 50/60hz
Vibration One minute X, Y, Z axis vibration
Hi-Pot Test From input to output, gradually rising from 0VAC-3000VAC
Insulation Resistanc Input To Output,DC 500v
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃-85℃
Operating Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh
Storage Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh


Product Description:


1A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 11A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 21A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 31A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 41A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 51A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 61A 4.8V Smartphone USB Wall Charger 6W Powerful And Dependable Socket 7


Travelers' Assistant: For enthusiastic travelers, our 4.8V1A USB Wall Charger is a must-have, allowing you to quickly power up your electronic devices - from smartphones, cameras, and tablets - ensuring seamless travel.


Home Charging Hub: A must-have for households with tech-savvy members, this charger is a time-saving and energy-efficient device to have during those evenings when everyone's devices need a boost.


Mobile Power Rescue: When your mobile device is running low and you can't afford any downtime, our charger steps in to provide a timely battery boost, ensuring your daily routine remains uninterrupted.


On-the-Go Refueling Station: Whether it's your trusty GPS navigator or in-car audio system that needs a recharge, this charger has you covered while you're on the road.


Portable Power Bank: Transform it into a portable power bank, ensuring you stay charged up while on the go, ready to juice up any device that needs it.


Public Charging Solution: Install it in high-traffic public areas like airports, coffee shops, or libraries, making it easier for users who need a quick phone recharge while waiting or relaxing.


Industrial Power Provider: Tailored for the high-output needs of industrial environments, our charger is the answer for powering up automation equipment and robots quickly and efficiently.




Custom Color: We can create adapters in a variety of colors to match your branding or personal preferences.


Plug Type: You can choose from a range of different types of plugs to ensure compatibility with sockets around the world.


Shell Material: Select from a variety of materials and finishes to meet your specific requirements and preferences.


Parameters: Customize voltage, current, and power parameters according to the needs of your device.


Logo Design: We can add your company's logo or brand elements to enhance brand visibility and recognition.

Support and Services:

As a leading manufacturer specializing in power adapters, our commitment goes beyond providing only top-notch products. We are equally dedicated to offering our clientsexceptional support and first-rate services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients achieve seamless experiences when utilizing our products and reap maximum benefits for their operations.


  1. Pre-Sales Assistance:

Our sales team provides professional pre-sales advice, offering suggestions on adapter selection, usage, and cost, and can customize products to meet your specific needs.


  1. Technical Support:

Our experienced technical support team aids with product installation, usage, and maintenance, providing prompt solutions to any technical issues that may arise.


  1. Maintenance Services:

We offer comprehensive maintenance services, including troubleshooting and repair work, to ensure that your adapter remains in good working condition.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for 5v 1a USB Wall Charger:


As a manufacturer specializing in power adapters, we are aware of the significance of packaging and transportation. To ensure that every power adapter is delivered safely and intact to our customers, we take the following measures:


Firstly, we use moisture-resistant, impact-resistant, and crush-resistant packaging materials to safeguard the power adapter from environmental elements. Additionally, we customize the packaging design based on the model, quantity, appearance, and weight of the power adapter to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.


Secondly, to ensure that the power adapter is delivered safely and promptly to our customers, we have developed a practical transportation plan. We can select from various transportation modes such as air, sea, and land transportation based on actual requirements. During transportation, we also need to take into account factors such as ventilation, shock resistance, and drop resistance to ensure that the power adapter remains in immaculate condition after traveling over long distances.


Finally, we will also print relevant labels such as brand, model, quantity, warranty period on the packaging of the power adapter. These labels will be coordinated with the transportation plan and packaging design to enable consumers to quickly comprehend product information and usage conditions. Additionally, we will also print our company's contact information and address on the packaging so that customers can contact us promptly when needed.


In conclusion, we strive to ensure that every power adapter is delivered safely and intact to our customers. If required, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with further details about our packaging and transportation methods.



Q&A about 4.8v 1a USB Wall Charger:
1.What are the importance of voltage and current ratings?
Voltage and current ratings are crucial. The voltage rating must match the input voltage requirements of your device to ensure proper function without damage. The current rating should meet or exceed the amount of current required by your device to ensure reliable operation without overloading.
2.Can I use a higher-rated adapter for my device?
It is generally not recommended to use an adapter with a higher voltage or current rating than what is specified for your device. Doing so could potentially damage your device due to overvoltage or overcurrent. It is important to use an adapter that is specifically designed for your device based on its voltage and current requirements.
3.Can I replace a lost adapter with a different brand?
It is best to replace a lost adapter with one that is made by the same manufacturer or is a compatible model to ensure proper compatibility and safety. Different brands may have different voltage and current ratings, inputs/outputs, or other specifics that could render them non-compatible or present a safety hazard. Therefore, it is essential to purchase an adapter that matches the original specifications to ensure safe use.

 4.What is over current protection?

Over current protection is a safety feature that safeguards your device from experiencing excessive current flow that could lead to overheating and possible damage. This feature is typically implemented in power adapters through fuses or circuit breakers that will trip or cut off the current flow if the current exceeds a preset limit. High-quality adapters typically have built-in over current protection to ensure the safety of your device.


5.Can I use an adapter with multiple devices?
You can use a multi-port adapter to power multiple devices simultaneously, but it is important to ensure that the total current output of the adapter matches the combined current requirements of your devices to prevent overloading. The voltage rating should also match the voltage requirements of each device to ensure proper function. Additionally, be mindful of the total power draw of your devices to ensure that the adapter’s capacity is sufficient to support them all without overheating or damaging the adapter.

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