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5V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material

5V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material

5V GaN Fast Charger

3A GaN Fast Charger

20W GaN Usb C Charger

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:

GEO (GEAO Technology)



Model Number:

5V 3A GaN Fast Charger (PD20W-C)

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Product Details
Company Identity:
Source Manufacturing Factory
Factory Wholesale Price
VI Level
Fire Rating:
Iphone14,Iphone15,Max8 Plus/8, IPad Pro/ IPad Air/ IPad, AirPods Pro Pro12 Pro11
PC Fireproof Material+ABS+Recycled Material
White, Black, Customization
Temperature Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Anti -interference Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Lightning Strike Protection, Over -power Protection, Shell Flame Retardant Protection
Product Mold:
Private Mold
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
PE Bag/Color Box/Customization
Delivery Time
7-25 Days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description
Power Adapter Manufacturing Factory
Not A Trading Company
Accept Any Customization Regarding Power Adapter Products

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5V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 0



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Phone Number & Whats App:+86 18926436337


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5V 3A GaN Fast Charging Iphone Charger 20W Max Output Safety


1.Smart Charging Mode Switching

As you charge your device to different levels, the charging head seamlessly switches between intelligent charging modes. This not only reduces charging temperatures but also ensures optimal battery saturation, ultimately extending the lifespan of your battery.


2.Intelligent Safety Chip Integration

Equipped with a PD protocol module and an intelligent safety chip, this device can adeptly identify fast-charging protocols. It ensures a stable output of high-power currents, safeguarding your device throughout the charging process.


3.Comprehensive Safety Protection

Experience a multi-layered safety net with features like input overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, anti-interference protection, and fireproof flame-retardant shell protection. These functions effectively shield your phone battery, prolonging its life and offering compatibility with various mobile phone brands and models.


4.Double-Layered Insulation for Enhanced Safety

Crafted with durable materials and advanced surface treatment technology, the shell boasts a fire-resistant inner layer. This dual insulation design simultaneously fortifies the equipment shell and power plug, enhancing user safety even in damp environments or with aging insulation materials.


5.Full Protocol IC Chip for Efficient Charging

Experience true PD fast charging with a robust IC chip that prevents overheating and guarantees device safety. This chip is compatible with various mobile phones and digital devices, optimizing the charging environment for maximum efficiency and prolonged battery life. Multiple protection mechanisms, such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overvoltage, further extend the battery's service life.


6.Low-Temperature Fast Charging for Optimal Performance

Utilizing high-performance components like transformers, MOS tubes, and capacitors, this charger achieves high energy conversion efficiency with minimal heat generation, ensuring a safe and efficient charging experience.


7.Compact and Portable Design

Featuring a fashionable and minimalist design, this charger is compact, lightweight, and offers a comfortable grip. Its sleek appearance enhances the overall charging experience.


8.Versatile Wide Voltage Design

Designed with a wide voltage range of 100-240V, this charger caters to different countries and regions. Whether on a business trip or vacation, charging concerns become a thing of the past.


9.Compatibility Across Brands and Devices

This charger is compatible with most mainstream mobile phone brands, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO, as well as laptops and tablets.


10.PD+QC+PPS Fast Charging Innovation

The internal intelligent fast-charging chip automatically identifies multiple voltage modes, extending service life by 100%. With an energy-efficient IC solution boasting a conversion efficiency of up to 92%, this charger meets international environmental standards while ensuring excellent quality and durability.

Technical Parameters:

Output Voltage (V) 5V, 9V, 12V
Output Current (A) 3A, 2.22A, 1.67A
Output Power (W) 15W, 19.98W, 20.04W
Input Voltage (V) 100-240VAC
Bending Test More than 1,000 times
Temperature Up With Typical Load
Test at surface of the case with typical ac input and typical load in output 50/60hz
Vibration One minute X, Y, Z axis vibration
Hi-Pot Test From input to output, gradually rising from 0VAC-3000VAC
Insulation Resistanc Input To Output,DC 500v
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃-85℃
Operating Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh
Storage Humidity 5%Rh-90%Rh



Product Description:


5V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 15V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 25V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 35V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 45V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 55V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 65V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 7
5V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 85V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 95V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 105V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 115V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 125V 3A GaN Fast Charger PD 20W GaN Usb C Charger With Fireproof PC Material 13


Empowering Mobile Professionals with GaN Swift Charging: Professionals constantly on the move can now enhance their efficiency with the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger. This sleek charger reduces charging times, guaranteeing that crucial devices like smartphones stay powered up during demanding days of work-related commitments.


Effortless Power for Explorers: The 5V3A GaN Fast Charger presents a quick solution for avid travelers, allowing them to charge multiple electronic companions simultaneously—think smartphones, cameras, and tablets. This ensures that explorers can fully immerse themselves in their adventures without the worry of device batteries running low.


Simplified Home Charging: Streamline your household's charging routine with the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger, especially when charging multiple devices overnight. This not only saves time but also ensures that everyone's devices are ready to roll when needed.


Swift Assistance in Emergencies: When a mobile phone or another electronic device is running low on battery, the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger steps in as a rapid solution. Its quick-charging capabilities help users avoid disruptions to their daily lives caused by low battery levels.


On-the-Move Charging for Vehicles: Car owners can conveniently employ the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger to power electronic devices within their vehicles, such as GPS navigators and speakers. This guarantees uninterrupted functionality during travels and commutes.


Versatile Portable Power Hub: Unleash the adaptability of the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger as a mobile power supply, providing on-the-go charging support for various devices. This flexibility enables users to charge electronic companions anytime, anywhere, enhancing the convenience of outdoor activities.


Accessible Charging in Public Spaces: Implementing the 5V3A GaN Fast Charger in public areas like airports, cafes, and libraries creates convenient charging points for users. This empowers individuals to charge their phones and devices effortlessly during wait times or moments of relaxation.


High-Efficiency Charging in Industrial Environments: The 5V3A GaN Fast Charger plays a crucial role in industrial settings where rapid charging is essential, such as in automation equipment and robots. This ensures peak performance and efficiency in industrial operations.




Tailored Color Choices: Enjoy the freedom to apply unique color schemes to the adapter through either spraying or printing, ensuring a personalized touch that perfectly complements your color preferences.


Global Compatibility: Our adapters are engineered to seamlessly adapt to diverse countries and regions, guaranteeing hassle-free usability across the globe.


Diverse Shell Materials and Finishes: Explore a variety of material options and finishes for the adapter shell, allowing you to choose the ideal combination that aligns with your specific requirements.


Adjustable Parameters: Customize the voltage, current, and power settings of the adapter to precisely match the unique needs of your equipment.


Seamless Logo Integration: Enhance brand visibility and product recognition by seamlessly incorporating your company or product logo onto the adapter shell.


Support and Services:

As a dedicated manufacturer specializing in power adapters, our commitment extends beyond delivering outstanding products—we are devoted to offering customers comprehensive and high-quality services. Our primary goal is to instill confidence and enhance the efficient operation of equipment when utilizing our products.


1.Pre-Purchase Consultation

Prior to making a product selection, leverage our expert pre-sales consultation. Our sales team provides in-depth guidance on power adapter selection, usage, and associated costs. We excel in tailoring products to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration with your equipment needs.


2.Technical Assistance

Supported by a seasoned technical support team possessing extensive industry knowledge, we provide thorough assistance throughout your power adapter's lifecycle. This support spans installation, usage, and maintenance. If you encounter any technical challenges, simply get in touch with us, and our technical experts will offer prompt and effective solutions.


3.Maintenance and Repair Solutions

Ensuring the continual optimal performance of your power adapter is our utmost priority. We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services, deploying skilled personnel to swiftly identify and resolve any issues, restoring your equipment to normal operation promptly.


Furthermore, we provide routine maintenance to proactively address potential problems, guaranteeing the ongoing stability of your equipment over time.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for 5V 3A GaN Fast Charger:


As a specialized manufacturer committed to creating high-quality power adapters, we prioritize the careful packaging and reliable transportation of our products to ensure they reach our valued customers safely and intact. To achieve this goal, we employ the following strategies:


Firstly, we use specialized materials with moisture-proof, anti-collision, and anti-extrusion properties in our packaging. This acts as a protective barrier against environmental factors. Additionally, we tailor the packaging design based on the power adapter's model, quantity, appearance, and weight, ensuring its protection during transit.


Next, we have developed a comprehensive transportation strategy to ensure the secure and timely delivery of power adapters. We adjust our transportation methods—whether by air, sea, or land—according to specific requirements. Throughout the transportation process, we carefully consider factors such as ventilation, shock resistance, and fall resistance to maintain the power adapter's pristine condition over long distances.

Finally, we incorporate relevant labels on the power adapter packaging, containing essential information like brand, model, quantity, and warranty period. These labels align seamlessly with our transportation plan and packaging design, providing consumers with quick access to product details and usage instructions. Additionally, our company's contact information and address are prominently displayed on the packaging, making it easy for customers to reach out when necessary.


In conclusion, our commitment remains unwavering in ensuring the secure and flawless delivery of each power adapter to our customers. For more details on packaging and transportation, feel free to contact us at your convenience.



Q&A about 5V 3A GaN Fast Charger:

1.Is it okay to purchase a power adapter from a different brand for my device?

Response: It's recommended to stick to a power adapter specifically designed for your device or one recommended by the manufacturer. Using a power adapter from a different brand may not deliver optimal performance and could potentially harm your device.


2.How do I properly care for my power adapter?

Response: To ensure your power adapter stays in good condition, avoid bending or twisting its cables, keep it away from liquids, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Regularly check the adapter and cables for any signs of damage, and replace them if necessary.


3.What do the voltage and current ratings on a power adapter mean?

Response: Voltage (measured in volts) indicates the electrical potential difference, while current (measured in amperes or amps) represents the flow of electric charge. Both voltage and current ratings on a power adapter indicate the amount of power it can supply to your device.


4.Can I use a power adapter with a higher voltage rating for my device?

Response: It's not advisable to use a power adapter with a higher voltage rating than what your device requires, as it may cause damage. Always use a power adapter with the correct voltage rating specified for your device.


5.What distinguishes a power adapter from a power supply?

Response: A power adapter is a specific type of power supply designed to connect to electronic devices and provide the necessary electrical power. In contrast, power supplies can cover a broader range of devices that supply electrical power for various purposes.

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